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Why employee wellness is paramount for you?There's a proven, direct connection between health and workplace productivity Good health means lesser absenteeism which in turn means greater output Being healthy increases concentration, energy levels and ensures consistency in performance. Regular health check-ups help detect and prevent illnesses before they strike How we make your dream of a healthy workforce come true Pre-employment Health Checks: To screen applicants for health factors that may affect their performance levels Customised Health Check Packages: Tailor-made preventive health packages to suit the profile of your employees and the nature of your business Onsite Corporate Health Camps: Health camps specifically designed to tackle commonly reported health issues and delivered by specialists Health Risk Assessment: A systematic evaluation of your employees lifestyle to determine potential risk factors for their short-term and long term health Vaccination Program: A unique prevention program that includes vaccination packages to protect employees from around 20 diseases Why Pathogenes Polyclinic & Diagnostics is your best corporate health partner 10 years of healthcare excellence Pioneer and leader in preventive healthcare Wide range of programs and packages Healthier your staff, rosier your business prospects. For details please email us at info@pathogenesdiagnostics.com

Franchising - the surer way to success.

As a business model, franchising commands more than 60% of retail sales in the US. Worldwide, total franchise sales have crossed the US $ 1 trillion mark. Hardly surprising, since one can't avoid spotting a McDonald's, a Pizza Hut, a Kodak Express or a Reebok outlet almost anywhere in the world. The list of successfully franchised brand names is long and well-known. The trend, as expected, has caught on in India as well. Archies, Lakme Lever, Ceat, Monte Carlo, Mahindra and Titan are some of the more successful homegrown brands, which have been using franchising as their road to success. And there are many more. In fact, franchising enjoys an 85% success rate in India.

Why franchising?

The benefits of working under the umbrella of a large organisation cannot be over-emphasised. You enjoy the best of both worlds. On one hand, as owner of an independent business, you leverage your entrepreneurial capabilities. On the other hand, a recognised brand like Pathogenes Polyclinic & Diagnostics minimises your risks. All the knowledge and expertise required to successfully run the business is ensured from our end. You will have access to our years of healthcare domain knowledge and expertise. Being part of a network of Pathogenes Polyclinic & Diagnostics Clinics spread across Kolkata, you will be able to offer world-class services without spending a fortune.

Potential in Health-care..

There exists a tremendous opportunity in the Indian healthcare industry. This is clearly borne out by the following: The size of the healthcare industry in India is just 5% of the GDP, as compared to the United States, where this figure stands as high as 17%. In fact, healthcare is the largest industry in the USA. A study conducted by KSA Technopak, a leading global consulting firm indicates that in India, on an average, 11% of the annual household income is spent on healthcare . Not only this, 25% of the people believe that this figure is likely to go up. Further, the same study indicates that close to 68% of the healthcare spending is on the day to day healthcare needs alone. The healthcare industry in India is expected to cross Rs.1000 billion in the next three years. The Role of Consumerism The wave across various sectors in India has led to a more demanding consumer, whose awareness levels have risen significantly in the last few years. The consumer now has greater expectations and demands regarding the quality of healthcare. This is especially true of the quality of primary healthcare services available in the country today. Given the backdrop of extremely high fragmentation, reliability and accessibility continue to be a distant dream. The consumer's current experience with a host of polyclinics and diagnostic centres, which have little regard for quality, has been disappointing. Today's consumer is sensitive to both - care and cure - and is hungry for information. And he is willing to dig deeper into his pockets to get that extra reliability, reassurance and convenience. There is only one logical conclusion to draw from all this. The healthcare industry, which is rightly perceived to be recession-proof, is set for unprecedented growth. And it offers some exciting opportunities in the area of primary and preventive healthcare.

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